“She is so worth the investment; this is the best decision I ever made. I know that I could not have done this and gone this far by myself. Not understanding business and then having to kind of wrap my mind around these initial starting points with creating a business. I need somebody that can help me and guide me throughout that process and believe in what I'm doing and help me realize things about myself that I may not realize yet. It's so amazing, I'm truly having a wonderful time.”

“Blake is very passionate about wanting to help people it definitely shows in her commitment, her availability, and the fact that she's so selective in the amount of people that she works with. I see her as someone to be not only just a mentor throughout this process but a long-term mentor, which is what you would look for as you as you start your own businesses and grow.”

- Sheila Garth, Founder ArtRoots Integration
“Blake really helped me see how I could use my experience, my skills, my knowledge, and really turn that into a successful business. Blake is very unique in what she does. She really helped me see what is out there and other options for myself when I felt like there really were no other options for me. You're able to really figure out what it is you like doing, where you can add the most value, and focus on that versus having to spend so much time doing some of the other details that aren't necessary.”

“When I first started working with Blake, I had a lot of doubts about ‘Can I really do this? Is this achievable? How will I get there?’ She helps me see what I have to offer is extremely valuable and is worth every penny and that anybody would pay for that expertise. That's really helped change my mindset and see, ‘I can do this and it is achievable.’”  
- Holli Abbott
“Before starting with Blake. I was confused about whether I should stick with what had been my business for a long time or if I should just forget about that even though I loved it and do something else. With Blake's guidance I really got a lot of clarity on my own business. The business that I was considering walking away from, I realized was a real gem and prize, and that with a little bit of effort and a little bit of re-tweaking the direction of it that it could really change my life and make my dreams come true.”

“I had a business that under normal circumstances it made about $75,000 a year. The year that everything went topsy turvy it went down to $50,000 a year. She was able to help me look at the business long-term, change something, streamline the business, organize it, reformat it to get it to the point where I can tangibly see it's making starting out with like $350,000 a year. She was able to help me restructure the business.”

“Part of why I really wanted to work with her is that I worked with her before in corporate. I knew her track record as a leader and I'd personally witnessed the kind of a leader she was. When I realized that she started her business, for me this was golden, it's the opportunity to have a senior VP or somebody of that level directly on your team working with you.”

-Nicola Watson, Founder / Company Director, Le Fashion Lab
"Blake has been instrumental in coaching me as I start a new business. I’ve been doing what I do for 25 years, but hadn’t worked for myself or run my own firm. 

Blake helped me see that my business had potential that I hadn’t imagined; she pushes me to think beyond the conventional boundaries which for me meant opportunities beyond my current contacts and local-based services. Her program is full of elements I wouldn’t have thought of on my own, and now I have the building blocks for success in place! 

As a working mom, I now have much more control over my schedule, have more time to spend with my kids, and more control over the type of work I’m doing. 

Thanks to Blake’s expert coaching program, I’m able to run a business I’m passionate about, serve clients that I’m so excited to work with, and spend more time with my kids!

Blake is a fantastic communicator - both written and verbal. She is a problem-solver and draws on her vast expertise from the corporate world to develop a solution to any problem or a way to overcome whatever obstacle may be in the path to success.

- Shannon Farr, Founder, Scenic City Consulting

Sam, a mom of two young children, is building her business on the side while still in her full time job. 

She joined my program because she "wanted a strong foundation for my business and I honestly wasn’t sure what my business was going to be.  [Blake] really helped pull out of me what some of my biggest passions are, what I love to do and that is really what your business should be built on...otherwise you are just creating another job for yourself.  She has helped me figure out what I can do with skills that I already have, I don’t have to go out and learn a bunch of new things."

"I’ve been in the program for about 5 weeks and I feel that if I would have continued to try and learn things on my own, about doing this, and building a strong foundation, it probably would have taken maybe 18 months, 2 years, maybe longer, and I feel like I’ve learned so much in this last month that it is just ridiculous. 

 You can build a business while still working where you are at.  It is very possible.   I really understand where I need to be focusing and spending my time and without Blake that wouldn’t have been possible."  

- Sam Greenwaldt, 
Founder Sam Greenwaldt Design Co.

Sherri R.

"Blake can really change your life, not just your business"

"I hit a few major stumbling blocks [in building my business].  Blake was pivotal in proving solutions and ideas that made sense.

  As a result [of talking with Blake] I have now booked three clients in a very short period of time, I have re-aligned my business again, & my messaging is different.   I feel as though I am on my way to a greater level of success than I was before.

I feel like if anyone can come under the rubble and stress of having so many messages, Blake will clear it out for you in a very quick and succinct way.

I feel so incredibly fortunate and blessed to have been able to connect with Blake.  I know as I go down this journey she will be instrumental in helping me meet more of my goals." 

Jen Z.

"Blake helped me to identify what was most important to me"

"I am grateful for Blake’s help and support as I evaluated my priorities and career aspirations. She motivated me and kept me honest when I wasn’t making the progress I was capable of making. 

Her approach helped me to identify the things that were most important to me for both career and personal life satisfaction. I am taking the next step in my journey, starting from a better, stronger and more well-defined place, because of her support. 

Her encouragement also led to me making new connections with people in my fields of interest and broadening my network, which will serve me for years to come, and is not something I may have otherwise initiated on my own. She takes her job as a coach seriously!"

Melissa K.

"Profound insights to help you move to the next level."
Blake has a way of expressing things that gives you the courage to step forward. She listens with no judgement and easily finds the best in each and every person. She often has profound insights to help you move to the next level

 I have watched Blake speak in groups of people and one on one; no matter what the situation she has the ability to touch each and every person in a way I rarely see. She speaks from her heart and brings a wealth of knowledge to assist with guidance and support. The best part of her passion is that it’s about seeing other people succeed and this is a gift not often found. I have had the fortune to watch her inspire, renew, and excite people."

Kalicia K.

"Gave me the confidence & direction I needed"

"Blake was a great partner & huge help to me.  I got much more value than what I invested for her coaching services.  I reached out to Blake during my transition period between jobs because I couldn't really pinpoint what would be right for me to move to next.  

During our very first session together, Blake really helped me narrow in on what were the three most important factors to me in my career.  

Having Blake as my partner gave me the confidence and direction I needed to make the best decision for myself and my family."

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